Thermal tracker Tracker installed at IIM-Bangalore


Concentrated Solar Dishes

Dish Size : 7 sq.m, 10 sq.m, 16 sq.m
Mirrors : Minimum corrosion, edgework possible
Fixing : Special aluminum track bolted to mirrors

Electronic Controller

Control System

Efficiency : 18-40% with full automation
Data Logging : 3 day storage cycles. Auto-graph
Microcontroller : High cache memory. Faster processing
Core Technology : Location agnostic (PLUG & PLAY)
System Availability : 10 hours run. Auto-sleep
Communication System : CAN Bus. RS232/RS485. (DATA LOG)
Time Tracking Accuracy : Auto Time zone Correct/0.1 Degrees
Feedback : Limit and angle tilt feedback system
Dual-axis control : Variable daily tilt (FORWARD,REVERSE) Seasonal tilt with full automation

Mounting Frame

Solar Thermal structure

Mounting Pole : Vertical pole mount
Bearing Mechanism : Universal joint bearing for dual-axis
Wind Protection : Up to 200 kmph
Platform : I-beam interlinking platform support
Civil Work : Concrete roof or platform support

Structural Frame

Solar thermal frame and mount

Frame : Galvanized steel with precise zinc-coating thickness for extreme Indian conditions- sand, corrosion, sunlight and rain protection.
Bearing Mechanism : Frictionless bearings that require minimum to no lubrication and improve tracker reliability.
Installation : Pole mount bolted on platform base for easy install. Modular mirrors for faster install.

VAAHAN Elite Service


Our elite customers : IISC Karnataka, IIT madras, and IIM Banglore
Structural health monitoring : Feedback sensor network to sense structural deformations
Plant installation : All across india
Panel cleaning: Automatic
Paneldamage checking : PV IV curve tracing
Pre commisson services : Sun surveying, solar resource modelling, foundation soil assesment, land survey, wiring layout and customised MMS