Solar tracker Tracker installed at IIT-Madras

Metal Mounting Structure

single axis tracker

MMS structure corrosion safety: 550 GSM galvanized coating
Structure health Guarantee: 5 year
Structure stability : stable upto 200 km/hr wind speed
Power plant weather safety : Integrated lightning arresters
Galvanization standard : IS 3759
Mounting structure standard : IS 2062: 1992
Alternate tracker types : Tilted single-axis trackers

Control System

Control system for solar trackers

Controller control system : CAN-bus protocol
Micro controller processing : High cache memory
Motor control : 60 kW /multiples of 60 kW
Component reliability : EMI protection
Online monitoring : Wifi and RF
Protection standard : IP65 and IP67
High voltage protection : Upto 3,300 V
PV module standard : IEC 61215/ IS 13286
PV module safety standard : IEC 61730
Core Technology : PLUG and PLAY
Tracking technology : Sensor algorithm high accuracy
Tracker system input : Electric linear actuator

Sun Tracking

Panels facing sun

Ground Coverage ratio (GCR) : 0.35
Efficiency increase : 13-20%
Backtracking : Available
Backtracking power gain : 8%
Range Of Motion (ROM) : +35 to -35 degrees
Increase in performance : 23%
Module technology : mono/poly/CdTe/CAGS
Area per 1MW plant : 3.7 acres
Panel density : Higher density implies LCOE improvement of 3%

VAAHAN Elite Service


Our elite customers : IISC Karnataka, IIT madras, and IIM Banglore
Structural health monitoring : Feedback sensor network to sense structural deformations
Plant installation : All across india
Panel cleaning: Automatic
Paneldamage checking : PV IV curve tracing
Pre commisson services : Sun surveying, solar resource modelling, foundation soil assesment, land survey, wiring layout and customised MMS